• Gain Credibility in your Local Chamber

    Joining a local chamber of commerce also helps a business gain more credibility with customers. Studies have established that when a customer has to make a choice of doing business with two companies offering similar goods or services, the customer is usually more inclined to work with a company that is a member of a chamber of commerce. To the customer, the chamber member is perceived as trustworthy. By getting affiliated with other reputable businesses through chamber membership, the company is seen as transparent and as something of a market leader.

    Increase market share
    A business that is struggling to acquire customers could benefit greatly by joining a chamber of commerce. Any person who goes to an unknown location to look for goods or services is most likely to make enquiries with the local chamber of commerce. Naturally, the chamber directs such people to its members.

    As a member of your local chamber, you’ll also get a chance to engage authorities in a more meaningful manner than you would if you acted alone. Chambers of commerce fight to protect the interests of their members by fighting unfair legislation and you can raise any issues that concern your business through the chamber.

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  • Benefits of Joining Chamber

    As a business owner, you might have considered joining your local chamber of commerce but have not yet made the move. Joining a chamber of commerce comes with a host of benefits to any business (and especially to the small business) and no business person should hesitate taking this important step.

    If yours is a struggling business, joining the local chamber of commerce could prove truly useful. This is the one organization that will put you in touch with fellow business people in your area. You’ll get to meet like-minded people, share ideas and eventually see an increase in the volume of your business.

    Help build your brand
    For a business that is hardly known in a community, joining the local chamber of commerce ultimately means that you’ll become more visible in the community. Most chambers of commerce produce monthly or quarterly publications and as a member you’ll get the opportunity to not only get mentioned in these publications but also to run ads. Should your chamber have a presence on social media, you’ll get even greater exposure when you join. As a chamber member you can also sponsor events which further increase your visibility. In a nutshell, your membership in the chamber will go a long way to helping build your brand.

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  • Commercial chambers

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    The chamber of commerce, a place where much business is conducted. The goal is simple, to further the goals of its members’ business interests. There are usually several chambers of commerce in a locale, with individuals being required to become members in order to be allow access. Once a member, it is possible for individuals to use a chapters resources to pursue their own business objectives — this is usually to increase sales.

    Chambers can vary in size comprising from but a few members to hundreds of thousands. China is thought to have some of the largest chambers in the world. There are several different chamber models:

    Community Chambers

    Commonly found in the US, these chambers are local and aim to develop and bring the business community together. The aim is to build longstanding networks for mutual gain and inter-business exchange. In the majority of cases, chambers work with the local authority (e.g., mayors, councils, and initiatives)

    City Chambers

    These chambers stretch back for centuries within the United States. Today there are more than 3,000 chambers — more than 100 represent overseas business. The oldest chapter dates back to 1773 — the Charlestone Chamber of Commerce.

    State Chambers

    These chambers, as the name suggests, work on much wider commercial issues — typically federal and/or state level. Similarly to how community chambers work with local officials, state chambers work with state officials like governors, senators, congressmen, etc.

    National and International Chambers

    As the name suggests, chambers offer national and international support to those members who need it.

    Compulsory/Public Law Chambers

    Under certain law, some businesses (eg organizations over a certain size) must join a chamber. This module is mostly found in Europe and Japan. These chambers focus on foreign trade, training, services, and products, and general business development.

    Continental/Private Law Chambers

    This model is usually only found in English-speaking countries. Companies in these chambers do not need to become members, making them simpler to manage from a business perspective. Although many business owners still endeavor to join as to build a community and to network effectively.

    Multilateral Chambers

    These chambers comprise companies based in different countries. Typically all business within the chamber have commonality among their business practices. These chambers are also independent entities, which work to strengthen business ties among members. It’s worth noting that membership is by invite only. Therefore it is important to know a member at some level if you’re to be offered an opportunity to join.

    The next question: will joining a chamber of commerce benefit your business? Well, that all depends on a few variables. How big is your business? Where are you based? What chambers are available to you? Can you afford membership? These are a few of many question you’ll need to ask yourself before joining. By in large, many business owners experience significant gains in sales when joining a chapter. Over and above the networking, there are significant resources available to member that mustn’t be over looked.

    Chamber of commerce membership isn’t for every business owner… but you should at least look into it.

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