Joining a local chamber of commerce also helps a business gain more credibility with customers. Studies have established that when a customer has to make a choice of doing business with two companies offering similar goods or services, the customer is usually more inclined to work with a company that is a member of a chamber of commerce. To the customer, the chamber member is perceived as trustworthy. By getting affiliated with other reputable businesses through chamber membership, the company is seen as transparent and as something of a market leader.

Increase market share
A business that is struggling to acquire customers could benefit greatly by joining a chamber of commerce. Any person who goes to an unknown location to look for goods or services is most likely to make enquiries with the local chamber of commerce. Naturally, the chamber directs such people to its members.

As a member of your local chamber, you’ll also get a chance to engage authorities in a more meaningful manner than you would if you acted alone. Chambers of commerce fight to protect the interests of their members by fighting unfair legislation and you can raise any issues that concern your business through the chamber.